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Your Federal job search and Facebook

If a hiring manager is selecting from two equally qualified candidates and your Facebook profile is straight out of a frat house…I assure you, the other candidate will be selected. And if that doesn’t convince you to clean up your page, know this: if the hiring manager doesn’t look you up on Facebook, chance are at least one of your future coworkers will.

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Flipping the interview: Do you want to work there?

Interviewing is about putting your best foot forward. It’s about making sure the hiring manager knows how great you would be at the job. It’s also about you finding out whether this is really somewhere you want to work. When it comes right down to it, accepting a job offer is agreeing to whatever they have to offer for as long as you choose to work there.

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Panel interviews don’t have to be scary: 7 tips for acing them

For many, panel interviews are the nightmares that can wake them up in the middle of the night. And, to be fair, three (or more) interviewers to one can be intimidating. When you’ve done all you can to prepare for an interview, adding these tips to your repertoire will not only help calm your nerves, but put that extra polish on the impression you leave behind.

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Be ready to answer: What do you know about our agency?

On the surface, it seems like an ice-breaker or a throw-away question. No one expects you to recite everything there is to know about the agency. They just want to know you cared enough to look it up and have a sense of what you’d be getting yourself into if you took the job. But, you have to assume every question asked of you, no matter how innocent it seems, can be the make-or-break question.

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Why interviewers ask: ‘Why do you want to work here?’

We all have different reasons for why we work where we do. Some want job security. Others want to serve the American public. Still others just need a paycheck. There’s also those who want work-life balance. And, admittedly, others work where they do because that was the first agency that gave them an offer. The question becomes: How honest should you be when you’re asked about your motivation to have applied to this particular job.

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A positive first impression before the interview: 3 tips

If you’ve been seriously searching for a Federal position you may have 5-10 applications in the pipeline and it may have been 6 months since you applied for any one of them. And then one day, the phone rings. Your first impressions will start the moment you pick up that call. While you may not be getting any points towards the hire during this call, you can lose them quickly.

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