Introverts as team player

Can introverts to be a team player? Yes, but not the teams you’re thinking of…

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Our inherent differences are what makes our contributions to the workplace valuable. Yet, some of the most basic differences are not only ignored, they are looked down upon. One of these differences is our propensity to be introverted or extroverted. In the TEDTalk by Susan Cain, she talks about how our work environment now hinges on the assumption (or the demand) that we are all extroverts. Especially in it’s reliance on teams and groups. Which raises the question whether an introvert can be a team player.

One of her three calls to action is to:

Stop the madness for constant group work. Just stop it. – Susan Cain

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Skills to include in professional development goals and development plan

Professional development goals: Include these 3 skills in your individual development plan

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To be truly successful in your career or position, you need to be clear about what your professional development goals are. On the face of it, that seems like simple advice. Until you sit down to actually create your individual development plan (IDP). Then you’ll find it’s a little more challenging than it seems. Often times the IDP turns into a wish list of training. But if you want to meet your development goals, you have to be more strategic. To get you thinking your IDP more strategically, I wanted to offer you some guidance on three components of a solid IDP. These skills or focus areas are: technical, professional, and problem-solving.

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5 ground rules for powerful meetings

5 ground rules for powerful meetings that people want to attend

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Think back to the last meeting you attended. Chances are people wandered in, tossed their notebooks on the table, and leaned back into their chairs with a sigh. It’s the body language of people resigned to yet another useless meeting. We all lament how many meetings we attend at work. Frequently we complain that meetings get in the way of the ‘real work’. Yet, we seldom proactively take steps to make sure those meetings are a good use of time. So how do you make your meeting as efficient as it is effective? We offer 5 ground rules that any team can use to get exactly what they need from their meetings. To make their meetings powerful.

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Conflict management assumption you are right

Want to be good at conflict management? Don’t make these unfortunate assumptions – starting with you being right

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In Kathryn Schultz’s TEDTalk On Being Wrong, she reminds us of how the coyote chasing the roadrunner. If you’ve ever watched the cartoon you know he doesn’t realize he’s fallen off the cliff until long after it’s too late. In fact, the coyote believes he is on solid ground until he looks down. She uses this as an analogy for when we are wrong…but don’t yet realize it. We still feel like we right. Her talk got me to thinking about how we approach conflict management. Both parties in the conflict believe that their perspective correctly reflects reality. Kathryn goes on to say that because we believe we are right, we make three unfortunate assumptions. We offer three humble suggestions to managing conflict by being aware of the unfortunate assumptions and busting through them.

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Performance management tips for new federal managers

Federal performance management for beginners : 4 tips you can’t do without

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When you boil it all down, the primary job of all managers is performance management. Performance management consists of components such as developing, monitoring, and rewarding. If you’re new to management in the government, you may not realize there’s several tools you should be using to manage team performance. We’ll talk about 4 of them here.

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federal hiring freeze hiring manager team thaw

Hiring freeze: Keeping your team warm until the thaw

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We are less than a week out from the announcement of Trump’s hiring freeze. As a hiring manager, supervisor, or team lead, you may be panicking about what to do to keep your team functioning until the thaw. These are entirely reasonable concerns. And, we’re here to help. We offer three suggestions of what to do until the hiring freeze is over.

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Fake confidence looks real TED Talk Tuesday

Fake confidence looks like real confidence: Keep faking it

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Imagine that you could make yourself feel confident whenever you wanted. Consider that confidence is just a few moments away by changing your posture. “Powerful people tend to be…more assertive and more confident, more optimistic…they also tend to be able to think more abstractly…Before you go into the next stressful evaluative situation…configure your brain to cope the best in that situation…and it can significantly change the outcomes of your life” – Amy Cuddy

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Worst advice on becoming SES

Worst advice on becoming SES I’ve ever heard

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Depending on whom you listen to there’s either a huge gap in the leadership pipeline or a resurgence in Senior Executive Service (SES). My opinion is that it may be both. With the increased interest in senior leadership roles comes terrible advice on becoming a federal executive (i.e., SES). This bad advice is leading to a gap in the pipeline.

Here’s a list of the worst advice on becoming SES I’ve heard:

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Business acumen TED Talks Tuesday

Missing business acumen is a career killer

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Nearly any leadership class, book, or program you attend will focus on interpersonal skills. The ability to communicate, build trust, and engage employees are critical skills. However, they may not be the key to the top floor or becoming a federal executive. In fact, this TED Talk argues that there’s a missing skill that’s keeping most people from progressing.  That skill is business acumen.

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