Love your work.

The work you do for our country is important!

Let’s work together to shape your career journey, reignite your excitement about your work, and get you the visibility you need to excel in your career.

At Fedability, we understand what it’s like to work for the government. Fedability offers a supportive and encouraging environment to help you make the changes needed to be even more effective, have a larger impact, and build the relationships you need to have a successful career.

Ready to start? Send me an email for a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation at [email protected].

Career coaching

Not sure where to go from here? Not enjoying your work? Need help navigating office politics? We offer short term career coaching to help you get on a path that makes you happier in your career.


Explore what might be holding you back from getting a deserved promotion. Also learn what you can be doing to prepare yourself, your team, and your boss for when that promotion actually comes through.

Performance review preparation

Learn how to write your performance input to support the rating you deserve! We will review your performance appraisal with you to determine where to spend your time. At mid year or end of year, we will focus on making sure you highlight the critical outcomes that make you a stellar performer.

Individual Development Plan

Learn tips and strategies to create an Individual Development Plan (IDP) that’s customized to your needs and career goals based on where you are in your career journey. You’ll take away a plan and a timeline for getting to a new place in your journey.

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