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My path into the government workforce was a winding one through graduate school, teaching, and both small and large consulting firms before landing my first jobs with the federal government. With nearly a decade of government experience, I’ve worked in a range of agencies with missions of defense, health, and innovation. I’ve been through the highs and lows of landing the first job, transitioning to new agencies, working towards promotions, and even questioning whether this career is really what I want to keep doing.

Our goal at Fedability is to provide you the tools, tips, and insights to be more effective, have a larger impact, and build the relationships you need to be successful in the government.

Let’s get started! Send me an email to set up a complimentary 30-minute consultation at [email protected]. Let’s see how we can work together to get you on a career path that you find fulfilling.

Years of private industry experience

Years of government experience


Committed to helping you love your job

Dr. Dana E. Sims
Dr. Dana E. Sims Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer My mission is to help people think about work differently. I have spent nearly a decade working in the federal government. Starting off as a GS-9, I have steadily moved into the senior ranks. Over the years, I have worked in employee engagement, leadership and employee development, and team performance building. I haven’t always worked for the government though! I’ve also been an instructor, a researcher, and a consultant. I received my Ph.D. in Industrial Organizational Psychology in 2009 from University of Central Florida. Outside of work, I am an avid sailor!

My views do not represent those of the government nor are my services a part of my offical duties or responsibilities as a federal employee.

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