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Reaching for a promotion higher on the GS ladder? Here’s 3 areas to develop.

Just over a month ago, I started a series of posts about 4 types of employees and their career goals. So far, we’ve talked about the SES-Hopeful, The Drifter, and The Satisfied. The fourth and final type of employees I’ll discuss is The Climber whose goal is consistent promotion through the GS ladder. For this person career progression isn’t foremost about building a better government. It’s about status. It’s about pay. When I ask The Climber about career goals I hear something like, “I just want to get the next grade”. You may have come to this page as an employee wondering...

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Happy New Fiscal Year: The start of my 90-day planning cycle

Today is the first work day of the new Fiscal Year for 2017! In many ways the start of a new fiscal year is a fresh start and an opportunity for new beginnings. Many contracts start and the budget allocation for the new year is now available. Even if budgets and contracts aren’t something that are a part of your job, the new fiscal year is still an opportunity to start anew. It’s an opportunity to start new projects, processes, and policies. It’s also an opportunity to stop doing things that aren’t working for you. For me, it is the...

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Resume checklist: 5 red-flags to watch out for in a candidate

As a hiring manager, you are probably in the unfortunate position of having more work than time to do it. As a result, you’re pressed to hire a new employee to pick up some of the work. Each day that goes by the work backs up. To make matters worse, Human Resources is probably pressuring you to make a selection to close out the opening. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a simple resume checklist to help you screen out some of the less obvious bad hires? You’re in luck, I’m here to help. I offer a checklist of 5 things...

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Satisfied with career: Do you still need goals?

Two weeks ago I started a series of posts about 4 types of employees and their career goals. So far, we’ve talked about the SES-Hopeful and The Drifter. This week’s focus is on those who are satisfied with where they are. When asked, “What are your career goals?” this person is likely to answer something like “I don’t have any”. This is different from The Drifter who might respond as unsure. This employee is very sure. They are satisfied with where they are and have no interest in moving up or changing jobs. I think of this type of employee...

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Does that government job come with career goals? Professional development for when you feel lost

Last week I talked about there being at least 4 types of employees when it comes to career goals. When asked for help with professional development my first question is “What do you aspire to in the future?” Or, “What are your career goals?” The most frequent response (other that wanting to be an SES) is “I don’t know”. I think of this employee as The Drifter. I’ve discussed this response with others to get more insight. I’ve sometimes heard The Drifter is a function of the new generation. Or, it’s those Millennials again. Having lost my own focus in my...

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