The holidays are upon us. You might have begun wondering what gifts your favorite Federal employee might want. From an insider’s perspective, we have suggestions! Over the next few days we offer a wishlist of gifts for your health-focused-Fed, stressed-out-Fed, and others! Today, we’ll start with suggested gifts for a teleworker in the government.

One of the best things about working for the government right now is its support of telework. The challenge is as a teleworker that they often have to schlep equipment back and forth from home to office. Often times, this also means they have to maintain two work spaces.  As a result, it’s important we pick out gifts that are especially suited to their unique situation.

But, before you get your handy credit card out, remember there’s some very specific rules that all Federal employees must abide by when receiving gifts. For this reason, we’ll split the gift options out by under $10, under $20, and Personal/Family relationship. For more details about the rules of gift-giving in the government, a good place to look is at the Department of Justice Do It Right page.

Gifts for a teleworker under $10

  • Electronics accessory organizer case. The electronics that have freed us from having to work in the office, have also left us with a cluttered mess of wires and chargers. A simple organizing case will help tame the cords. It also ensures your favorite teleworker doesn’t show up to work without their laptop charging cord.
  • Electronics reusable organizing twist tie, 4-pack. In the same vein of gifts to keep a teleworker a little more organized, these twist ties tame the cords.
  • Desktop Adhesive Cable Organizer and Cord Management System . This is little gadget to keep cords from slipping behind a desk and getting lost when a phone or computer is unplugged. Arguably, they’d also be helpful in a car so you don’t lose the cord when it’s not in use or when you’re driving.

Gifts for a teleworker under $20

  • Under-Desk Headphone Stand Mount. Most teleworkers will have some sort of head set to be able to stay connected to those back in the office. This little device keeps their headset handy and off their workspace then they aren’t using it.
  • High Fidelity Stereo Headset with Noise Canceling Microphone. You’d be surprised how loud your home magically becomes as soon as you get on a conference call! The dogs bark, the neighbors turn their stereo up, construction starts across the street… This headset claims to block those extra noises. It also has a mouth piece that prevents any chance they’ll be heard as a heavy-breather.
  • Office supply organization insert with 13 Pockets (black/medium). Perfect item for a teleworker to keep an easily transportable stock of office supplies that can go from work to home. They can keep a stash of pens, paper clips, and stickies notes so they never have to use their personal supply at home.

Gifts for a teleworker that’s a personal/family relationship over $20

  • Leather Rolling 15.6″ Laptop Case. Even though laptop carrying cases are distributed to most teleworkers, I’ve yet to see one with wheels. This one is leather which should protect from snow and rain. It’s also got lots of little pockets in the front for various badges or fobs that the teleworker has to bring home.
  • Detachable-Wheeled Ladies’ Briefcase. Looking for a useful splurge for your teleworker? This is perfect for someone who wants to look a bit more fashionable commuting between home and the office. It’s also flexible if you aren’t sure the person you are shopping for wants the wheels. There’s also a ton of fun colors. You can go with more traditional black or brown colors to more eye-catching lime and hot pink. It says it’s for women, but other than some of the color options I don’t see what makes it specific to women.
  • Cooling lap desk with built-in mousepad. A great part of working from home is not being tied to a desk. The obvious drawback is the heat of the computer on your lap. And, even worse is fighting the track-pad to maneuver through the screens. Alternatively, this lap desk solves both problems by keeping things cool and providing a built-in mouse pad.