Today’s Happiness Challenge activity for day 17 is to ask an administrative assistant to let you help them out with something. As we’ve discussed in prior posts within the Happiness Challenge is that administrative assistants are often under appreciated. They also frequently catch the brunt of bad-work behavior. So, to take the time to offer them some assistance will likely be novel. So novel, in fact, that they’ll talk about it after work with their significant other.

Seriously, I would bet that if you ask them to let you help, you’ll make their week. Which will then likely make your week.

But remember. When you ask them to let you help be clear about the time you have available (but be a bit flexible). Both myself and another FedFan have discovered that offering help, while rewarding, can lead to much larger tasks than you might realize.

Every administrative assistant’s job is a little different. In fact, there’s a surprising number of tasks for which an admin might be responsible.  And, you might be a little surprised about the typical day of an administrative assistant. Especially if they are in healthcare.

But here’s some suggestions for what they might let you help with:

  • Filing or alphabetizing something. (I’ve done this one for an admin)
  • Delivering something to another office or department.
  • Gathering signatures on one of those forms so common in government
  • Offering to set up the laptop and projector for them
  • Completing a task that you would normally hand off to them such as scheduling a meeting.

Or, if all else fails, why not bring them a coffee or snack in the afternoon?

Now, the hardest part of keeping on track with a challenge is the accountability and support to keep on going. I hope you’ll follow along with me and the other Fed Fans that are participating. I also hope that you’ll share your successes with us either on twitter #happieratwork or on the Fedability facebook page. You can find me on twitter @danaesims_iopsy.

I look forward to hearing how today’s challenge goes! Leave a comment in the space below.

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