Today is DAY 20 of the 20 DAY HAPPINESS CHALLENGE! How cool is that? No matter how many of the 20 days worth of activities you completed, you should take a moment to congratulate yourself. Whether or not you realize it, you have made the workplace a little more positive. And, you have actively taken a few steps towards making yourself happier. Now, to finish strong take 5-10 minutes to write one more thank you note. This thank-you note will be for an administrative assistant to let them know you appreciate them.

I will tell you in advance, there’s nothing quite walking into an admins office to see your thank-you note sitting prominently on their desk. Every time you see it, you’ll get a little bump up of happiness knowing how much it meant to them to be thanked.

No pressure – but let’s make this a good one!

What you are going to tell an admin that you appreciate them for today?

Whatever you do, I hope you will share your experiences and successes with me and the other Fed Fans. Also, I encourage you to join the #happieratwork conversation with me on twitter (@danaesims_iopsy).

I look forward to hearing how today’s challenge goes! Leave a comment in the space below or post a picture of the thank-you note on the Fedability facebook page.

Did you miss day 19 of the Happiness Challenge? That’s ok! You can still read about using positive feedback with someone outside your department to reinforce them.

Remember, this doesn’t have to be the end of the Happiness Challenge.

Consider identifying 1-2 things you found most rewarding to you. Then, put them on your calendar to remind you to do them.

The thank you notes may resonate with you. You could put aside time each Friday to write at least one thank-you note to someone. Or, if you found giving positive feedback to be rewarding you could create a goal. One goal might be to give one instance of positive feedback to a team member during each one-on-one you hold.