The holidays are upon us. You might have begun wondering what gifts your favorite Federal employee might want. From an insider’s perspective, we have suggestions! Over the next few days we offer a wishlist of gifts for your healthy-Fed, teleworking-Fed, and others! Today, we’ll offer suggestions of gifts for stressed out Federal employees.

Regardless of your particular opinion about who is taking Office, Federal employees are experiencing the stress and ambiguity of an administration transition. This stress related to the change of leadership is on top of the normal stress of their everyday job. Add to that the stress of the holidays and I can’t think of a single Fed who couldn’t use some stress relief.

But, before you get your handy credit card out, remember there’s some very specific rules that all Federal employees must abide by when receiving gifts. For this reason, we’ll split the gift options out by under $10, under $20, and Personal/Family relationship. For more details about the rules of gift-giving in the government, a good place to look is at the Department of Justice Do It Right page.

Gifts for stressed out Feds under $10

  • THE DAILY MOOD Desk Flipchart. Sometimes it’s better for all involved not to poke a bear. And, if your Fed woke up on the wrong side of the bed this little flip chart will keep everyone safe!
  • Flower Aromatherapy Necklace . A gift option that is not only pretty, but it hides a mood enhancer inside. Perfect for someone who already uses essential oils and aromatherapy.
  • ALASKA BEAR® – Natural silk sleep mask. Speaking of waking up on the wrong side of the bed, sleep can help combat some of the stress your Fed may be experiencing.  As someone who used to think sleeping masks were silly, I can say now that they make a world of difference. They’re particularly helpful for people on a different sleep schedule from their bed partner.

Gifts for stressed out Feds under $20

Gifts for stressed out Feds with Personal/Family relationships over $20