The holidays are upon us. You might have begun wondering what gifts your favorite Federal employee might want. From an insider’s perspective, we have suggestions! Over the next few days we offer a wishlist of gifts for your teleworking-Fed, stressed-out-Fed, and others! Today, we will suggest gifts for a health-focused employees in the government.

With few exceptions, employees in the government spend a lot of time at their desks. It takes a fair amount of special effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

But, before you get your handy credit card out, remember there’s some very specific rules that all Federal employees must abide by when receiving gifts. For this reason, we’ll split the gift options out by under $10, under $20, and Personal/Family relationship. For more details about the rules of gift-giving in the government, a good place to look is at the Department of Justice Do It Right page.

Gifts for a health-focused employee under $10

Gifts for a health-focused employee under $20

Gifts for a health-focused employee for personal/family relationships over $20

  • Oster My Blend with Travel Sport Bottle. Perhaps you have someone on your list that can’t do without their protein or green smoothie in the morning. This is an efficient way to get their vitamins without creating extra dirty dishes.
  • DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike. Many of us have the best of intentions to get up and take periodic walking breaks. If your health focused Fed is someone who can’t tear themselves away from their desks even for a quick walk, this desk cycle is one way they can still get their exercise in.
  • Height Adjustable Sit/Stand Desk Computer Riser, Dual Monitor Capable. Not many agencies are able to provide standing desks employees who request them. However, if you know a health focused fed then you probably know that sitting is the new smoking. In other words, sitting for extended periods of time is said to be very unhealthy.  This riser gives the Fed on your gift list a way to convert their standard issue desk to a standing desk – potentially adding years to their lives.