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Building an IDP for IT professionals: Moving from entry to mid-level

I’m often asked, “How do I move up?” And frankly, there’s no simple answer. Moving up in one’s career is a jumble of skills, hard work, networking, and good timing. But, there are some solid places to start if you are looking to create an IDP for IT professionals. In this post, I will focus on the core skills that distinguish someone at an entry level to those looking to move into a mid-level position. Not an IT professional? That’s ok – many of these skills will generalize. Or, you can check out our prior post on for advice...

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What’s in the special sauce for moving up? Self improvement for HR professionals

If you work in Human Resources (HR) or a related field, it’s sometimes difficult to admit you’re not sure how to develop yourself. Why? Because there’s an assumption that if you work in HR you know the ‘secrets’ of classification, interviewing, and self improvement. But, the truth is that we all have to start somewhere. None of us are born into ‘HR knowing’.That’s why I wanted to offer a series of posts on what skills you need to develop as you progress within the HR world in government. Not in HR? That’s ok. Many of these skills will generalize....

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Agile: Ted Talks to get you thinking…about being more agile

Over the last three weeks, I’ve talked about the benefits of a secret methodology that is no secret in IT. It’s the agile methodology. We’ve discussed how agile can help a non-techie get more done through 3 primary features. We’ve talked about how the Kanban board, a tool in agile, can amplify the power of your to-do list. And, finally, we discussed how the Kanban board can be a tool for helping you identify bottlenecks and improving your processes. In this last post about agile, I wanted to offer you a collection of agile TedTalks on the topic to...

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Bottleneck slowing you down? Using Kanban for continuous improvement

The end of the fiscal year was upon us. With only a week left before the funds for the year were swept, we were in a mad dash to get those last few requisitions through the approval process. As each day came to a close, requisitions began to back up in the approval process. With each passing day the window for the fiscal year funds got smaller. Repeated requests and inquires just didn’t budge the flow of requisitions. In short – we had a bottleneck on our hands. What we discovered due to our use of a Kanban board...

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Kanban board: Not your average to do list

To do lists are a great way to keep yourself on track to get things done. In fact, there’s some that say getting that to-do list out of your head and onto paper (or electronic tool) makes you more effective. But, do you have a shared to do list for your team? A to do list that offers a clear picture of all the tasks the team needs to accomplish with transparent priorities? If not, I’d like to introduce you to the concept of a kanban board. Last week we introduced the best kept secret in IT for getting...

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