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4 lessons learned from dating: Mistakes you may be making early in your career

If you think about it, the early stages of a career share some similarities to a new dating relationship. It’s exciting and perhaps a little uncertain. Both sides are learning about each other, adapting to the other, and deciding whether they want to do this long term. So, why not look to the dating advice columns to gather any lessons learned that might help you navigate this new relationship? Don’t worry, we’ve poured over the dating articles so you don’t have to and identified 4 lessons learned that you need to consider if you’re new in your career. First, let’s be...

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More than just government employees: Seeing your own value

Government employees get a bad rap. If you ask the average American, some would say government employees are lazy, bureaucratic, under performing, and over paid. Having heard this for many years, you may even believe it. Or, when you’re out meeting new people you tell people you ‘just work for the government’. As if that says everything about who you are professionally. In this Ted Talk, Trista talks about how she saw herself as “Just a mom.” She reminds us that when we talk down about our own roles that we are using our own hammer to chip away at...

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Early career development: Advice to guide your career journey

There’s at least three phases in a career path. There’s early career, mid-career, and established career. Often times, however, the advice given for professional development does not take into account the unique experiences that someone in each phase might experience. For instance, advice for early career development may seem to simplistic for someone who’s more established in their career. Advice to someone more experienced in their career will assume that person has had a wide range of experiences and coaching that has supported their evolution – which won’t work for someone early in their career. Here, we will offer...

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How do we connect? Stranger-danger doesn’t belong in the workplace.

A piece of advice I heard upon moving to Washington DC was, “Don’t engage with the crazy.” Mostly this advice was about staying safe on my favorite form of transportation – the metro – being that I was a naive new transplant. It is the basic principle many children are taught which is not to talk to strangers. As a petite female in the city commuting alone, it’s fairly good advice to stay safe. Unfortunately, this advice has extended itself into the workplace. And I don’t just mean for myself. Seldom do we connect with random people we come across in the...

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Eliminate time wasters: 5 ways to more effectively manage Outlook email today

Meetings and email may be tied in being the biggest time wasters in the modern workplace. We’ve talked about how to be a meeting hero and to set ground rules to have more effective meetings. But, we’ve not discussed how to be more effective with our email.  So today, we’ll share 5 tips that you can do today to spend less time managing email. As a bonus, take a moment to download our newsletter to get step by step instructions to eliminate these email time wasters! What are the top time wasters in email? 1. Advertisement emails. Sometimes you...

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