Author: Dr. Dana

Federal resumes break all the industry rules

Those new to applying to government positions may make the faulty assumption that a few tweaks to their current resume will get them in the door. Not true. As you will see, there’s some pretty significant differences between the resume you would submit to a company and a Federal resume. In this post, I’ll provide you some important Federal resume pointers. Remember, the first person who reads you resume is typically not an expert in your field. They have been provided a template for words or phrases to look for in your resume.  If you haven’t provided enough detail or...

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A positive first impression before the interview: 3 tips

If you’ve been seriously searching for a Federal position you may have 5-10 applications in the pipeline and it may have been 6 months since you applied for any one of them. And then one day, the phone rings. Your first impressions will start the moment you pick up that call. While you may not be getting any points towards the hire during this call, you can lose them quickly.

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