Author: Dr. Dana

4 tips to avoid missing another deadline

Very few people hit every deadline every time. However, how you’ve performed in the past will impact how people react to a missed deadline when it does happen. Are you someone who chronically misses deadlines and apologizes profusely? Are you someone who considers ‘close of business’ as before midnight?

If you are…no matter how good your final product is you are slowly destroying the trust others have in you and causing harm to your career.

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Your Federal job search and Facebook

If a hiring manager is selecting from two equally qualified candidates and your Facebook profile is straight out of a frat house…I assure you, the other candidate will be selected. And if that doesn’t convince you to clean up your page, know this: if the hiring manager doesn’t look you up on Facebook, chance are at least one of your future coworkers will.

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The value of spelling and grammar in a Federal career

The ability to write convincingly and concisely is incredibly important to your ability to move up in an agency. One of the easiest ways to sink yourself is to not take the time to proof read your work.

I urge you.

Don’t let something as simple as spelling prevent you from being as influential as you could be in your agency.

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Is someone sitting there? Advice for taking a seat in meetings

One of the things I think about most often is where people place themselves in a room during meetings. The seat taken often suggests to me about individuals’ self-esteem and their understanding of their position in an organization. It stems from a conference session I attended on women in leadership. While I didn’t leave that session entirely convinced (but I am now), I did take a note on their recommendation to read: Her Place at the Table: A Woman’s Guide to Negotiating Five Key Challenges to Leadership Success. More recently, the best selling book Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to...

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Three reasons to learn about government contracts and acquisition

Unsure about what skills you could gain that would make you unique in any Federal position? Try learning federal acquisition for government contracts. If you aren’t in a position that involves finance or purchasing, this skill may not be obvious. In fact, it may seem altogether unimportant to understand government contracts. I’d argue it is one of the best, most under valued skill you can have in any Federal position. First reason to understand government contracts: With at least a Level 1 Federal Acquisition Certification (FAC/COR), you can oversee small low risk contracts. Many people don’t enjoy contract responsibilities so...

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