Author: Dr. Dana

Learn more: You are worth the investment

Since 2012, the percentage of employees who are satisfied with the training they receive to do their job has hovered at just over 50%. And, there are a number of employees who say their skills have fallen behind those in industry because their agency won’t pay for them to go to training. In the short term, the agency will suffer for not having invested in their employees. However, an employee who takes personally responsibility for maintaining their skills will benefit for their entire career. Why not invest in yourself so you are ready for the next job opportunity or surprise your supervisor with rocking your next project?

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Change happens: How do you respond?

Every day, no matter where we are or what we are doing changes happen. These changes may be small to very large. The number of stories of those who resisted or didn’t make it through the change are innumerable. Rightfully so, the blame for these negative outcomes are placed on leadership.

What is forgotten, however, is that as an employee you hold some of that responsibility too.

Let’s explore why you may be resisting change and strategies to move yourself closer to acceptance.

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