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Strategic change: 4 hats you need to wear to be successful

Credibility is key if you plan to be a serious contributor in today’s highly technical work environments – especially if you want to forward a strategic change in an organization. This coming Sunday (5/21), my coauthor Dr. Jennifer Murphy and I will be presenting at the Association for Talent Development International Conference on this very topic. The talk is titled: A psychologist and a techie walk into a classroom: Collaborating on a learning strategy is no joke. Over the course of our careers we’ve found at least four roles you need to gain credibility in before you can drive a...

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A group of people: Calling them a team doesn’t make it true

Few things frustrate me more than when a group of people working together are called a team. It’s frustrating because unless they’re actually a team it sets everyone up to be disappointed. Disappointed because the team doesn’t seem to be ‘working together well’. The team does not hit performance expectations – never mind achieving any of the exceptional outcomes that teams are supposed to offer. This inevitably leads to requests for team building sessions. And regardless of how skilled the facilitator, the events result in no meaningful improvement because they aren’t teams in the first place. One way to...

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Team performance alignment: Reality check

Most agencies are finishing up the mid-year performance period. In doing so, you’ve been asked to review each team member’s performance appraisal and their accomplishments. Then, you likely met with each member of the team to let them know where they stand. What you probably didn’t do is reality check of team performance alignment. For our purposes, team performance alignment is the comparison of a rating of the overall team, the cumulative team member ratings, and the manager rating. Why do a reality check of team performance alignment? The value of a functioning team is that the cumulative performance...

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New to a team? Transition your social identity from ‘me’ to ‘we’ fast

Does joining a new team make you feel a little uneasy? Have you ever wondered why? It might be because you don’t yet have a social identity of being part of the team. Social identity theory predicts how people interact with each other based on whether they are a member of the in-group or out-group. This is could be thought of in terms of ‘us’ or ‘them’. That uneasiness is an indicator that you recognize that you aren’t yet part of the in-group. And, it may be triggering a very natural sense of social anxiety.* The anxiety that comes with believing (or...

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Work hard? Why you will fail to have a great career anyway

Larry Smith’s TEDTalk is going to let you in on a secret about why you will fail to have a great career even if you work hard. It comes down to missed opportunities. Fear. Lacking passion. Believing you are not weird enough. Not believing you can achieve your destiny. Great excuses. Thinking that you have to be lucky to have a great career. But don’t take my word for it. Listen to the talk for TEDTalk Tuesday. Here’s the secret: You want to work hard? You want to work really, really, really hard? You know what? You’ll succeed. The...

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