Author: Dr. Dana

3 simple actions to onboard employees who will stay

Did you know that an employee often decides to stay (or not) within their first 30-90 days on the job? There’s also a statistic that 33% of employees know within the first week if they will stay with the new job long term. What if I told you, it’s possible to get a head start on retaining a candidate before they even arrive on day one? Here I’ll offer three simple actions you can take before you onboard your new hire. This month we’ve been talking about retention. We’ve talked about strategies managers can lengthen an employee’s time at...

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Before you quit, why not sweeten the deal and stay a while?

Recently, I heard the analogy that when we go to work we are leasing our time to the agency. And, when you think about whether you are happy at work, one way to consider it is whether you are receiving sufficient pay for the time you are lending to the agency. And if you aren’t happy, then how do you sweeten the deal for yourself? Over the years, I’ve heard variations of the phrase: “You couldn’t pay me enough to work for that person (or doing that task).” Now, in the government, we know our pay is pretty much...

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Employee retention can be radically simple

For the most part, agencies aren’t actively trying to retain employees. Worse is that there’s no efforts to retain the highest performers. There’s tons of advice and strategies available to retain government employees that I won’t rehash here. But I wanted to offer you a strategy you may not have considered before. One that will work for high performers. And, one that will neither cost you money nor require special approval from your leadership. The employee retention strategy is as simple as this.  If you want to retain an employee, you need to create a situation where they plan...

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Own your power. Be a ferocious mama bear. Tips to speak up for what matters.

Do you bite your tongue because you’re worried that you’ll offend someone? Or, make a bad impression? Or, be rejected or ostracized? These fears are common, and sometimes appropriate. But, they also stem from our perceptions of our own influence. In the TED Talk by Adam Galinsky, he talks about being able to speak up about what matters to you is dependent on whether you own your power. The key is to “Be a ferocious mama bear and a humble advice seeker. Have excellent evidence and strong allies. Be a passionate perspective taker. And if you use those tools…you will expand your...

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Struggle with a job you aren’t happy in? Why you aren’t looking for another job.

A few weeks back, I posed the question to our Fed Fans: What are you struggling with? I wanted to take a moment to address one of the responses a Fed Fan submitted. It’s a struggle many of us have (or have had) at some point in our careers. The struggle: I don’t enjoy my current position. But, for some reason I don’t do anything to get another job doing something I’d enjoy more. I think the average person would likely respond that you must not be that unhappy. And, that once you’re unhappy ‘enough’ you’ll look for another job. But,...

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