Author: Dr. Dana

Take the feedback sandwich off your managerial menu

There are some pieces of leadership advice that just won’t die – no matter how bad the advice is. An example of this is feedback sandwich. Not only is the feedback sandwich a contrived, formulaic approach – it’s counter productive to getting improved performance. Let’s discuss why you need to take the feedback sandwich off your managerial menu. And, what you need to be doing differently. What is the feedback sandwich? The feedback method encourages managers to bookend their negative or constructive criticism with positive feedback. The feedback method would sound something like this: Positive feedback: I appreciate how...

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Seeking a senior government position in IT? 4 skills you need

Over the last few weeks, we’ve covered the skills needed to move up in an IT position. This week, we will cover the skills needed to move from a mid-level position to a senior government position. Is there much difference from being in a GS13 position versus a GS14? Well, if you ask some trying to get into a GS14 position, my guess is they would say yes. Oftentimes, it’s a mystery of what makes the difference from seemingly similar positions. That’s because moving up in one’s career is a jumble of skills, hard work, networking, and good timing....

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Taking charge of career growth: The elusive GS14 in HR

In my experience, making the jump from a mid-level to a senior level position in HR is one of the toughest in terms of career growth.  As you know from an HR perspective, the number of positions available become fewer. As a result, moving up in one’s career becomes even more complex than the usual jumble of skills, hard work, and good timing. It becomes a bit of a numbers game. More than ever your branding as a government employee takes a larger role in your career growth. And, it’s also time to make sure you have the required...

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The risky business of “knowing your why”

Is there an inherent risk in knowing your why? Frederick Nietzsche once said, ‘He who has a why can endure any how.’ This suggests quite the opposite is true. In fact, Nietzsche seems to suggest that knowing your why will get you through the rough patches of life. Yet, in a 2013 Forbes article Warrell writes: “A quick glance at employee engagement statistics points to a crisis of purpose and meaning on an unprecedented scale.” Arguably, the same could still be said in 2018. If knowing your why is so great – then why are we in a perpetual...

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